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Gas Tankless Heaters

Bosch Tankless Water Heaters for whole house and point-of-use commercial and residential applications in Natural Gas and Liquid Propane. The expanded and advanced line of Bosch Therm tankless water heaters includes Non-Condensing tankless water heaters with more compact models and greater installation versatility - to satisfy all your residential applications.

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  1. Takagi T-H3M-DV-P (Liquid Propane) Whole-House Tankless Water Heater

    Takagi T H3M DV P (Liquid Propane)

    Takagi T-H3M-DV-P (Liquid Propane) Tankless Water Heater with Secondary Condensing Heat Exchanger

    120,000 BTUs and up to 140 degrees F, Electronic Ignition, PVC Exhaust, Indoor, Energy Star, 1/2" Gas Line, Heating Applications, Recirculation, Glycol Learn More

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    Special Price: $779.00


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