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Takagi T M50 N ASME (Natural Gas)

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Takagi T-M50-N ASME (Natural Gas) Whole-House Tankless Water Heater

380,000 BTUs and Up to 185 degrees F, Electronic Ignition, Stainless Steel Exhaust, Indoor/outdoor with 9007677005 Outdoor Ventilation Cap Optional

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Takagi T-M50-N ASME (Natural Gas) Whole-House Tankless Water Heater

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  • Takagi T-M50-N ASME (Natural Gas) Whole-House Tankless Water Heater
  • Takagi T-M50-N ASME Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Water Heater

    The Takagi T-M50-N ASME Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Water Heater is designed for residential and commercial applications. This model is loaded with features including freeze, surge and overheat protection.

    At 380,000 BTUs/hr maximum input, this tankless water heater can supply 6 showers simultaneously in warmer climates. It features an electronic ignition system and requires 5 inch diameter stainless steel vent pipe and can be vented either through the side wall or up through the roof. The Takagi T-M50-N ASME can be installed outside also using the 9007677005 Outdoor ventilation cap. The TM-RE30 wired remote control is an optional accessory.
  • Brand Takagi
    Model Takagi T-M50-N ASME
    Manufacturer's Part Number (MPN) T-M50-N ASME
    Voltage (Volts) 120
    Product Dimensions (H" x W" x D") 24.88 x 25.25 x 12.25
    Product Weight (Lbs) 113
    Shipping Weight (Lbs) 102.0000
    Capacity @ 35 Deg F Temp Rise (GPM) 14.5
    Capacity @ 45 Deg F Temp Rise (GPM) 13
    Capacity @ 55 Deg F Temp Rise (GPM) 12
    Maximum Input (BTUs) 380000
    Minimum Input (BTUs) 19500
    Maximum Output (BTUs) 380000
    Minimum Output (BTUs) 19500
    Altitude Test (Ft) 6000
    Temperature Range (Deg F) 100 - 185
    Venting Options Cat III Stainless Steel or outdoors with outdoor cap
    Venting Diameter (Inches) 5
    Vent Maximum Run (Ft) 50
    Water Connections (Inches) 1 NPT
    Water Pressure Rating (PSI) 15 - 150
    Energy Factor 0.82
    Heater Style Tankless
    Activation Flow Rate (GPM) 0.5
    Electrical Requirements (AMPS / V) <=2.5 / 120
    BTU Rating 380000
    Application Commercial,Residential
    Indoor/Outdoor Installation Indoor/outdoor
    Product Type Whole House
    Remote Control Wired Remote Control TM-RE30 Optional
    Color White
    Warranty 15-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger (10-year if used in recirculating applications); 5-year limited warranty on all other parts; 1-year labor warranty
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  • Warranty

    Takagi gas tankless water heaters are warranted by the Manufacturer (Takagi) through Takagi Corp. will furnish a replacement heat exchanger and will furnish a replacement of any other part which fails in normal use and service within the applicable periods specified below, in accordance with the terms of this warranty. The Takagi Corp. replacement will be warranted for the unexpired portion of the original warranty.

    The Heat Exchanger
    If the heat exchanger fails within Fifteen (15) years after the original installation and operation, Takagi Corp. will furnish a replacement heat exchanger. However, if the water heater is used within an approved hot water recirculation and supplied with circulated water, this heat exchanger warranty is limited to ten (10) years from date of original installation and operation. If the water heater is installed in other than a single family dwelling, commercial use or used for heating applications this heat exchanger warranty is limited to ten (10) years from date of original installation and operation.

    This warranty will not apply:
    1. to defects or malfunctions resulting from failure to properly install, operate or maintain the unit in accordance with the printed instructions provided;
    2. to damage or abuse, accident, neglect or freezing and other acts of nature;
    3. damages due to unauthorized alterations, attachments, and/or repairs.;
    4. damages due to a lack of maintenance (e.g. water filter, water treatment system, vent blockage, etc.);
    5. to defects or damage cause by any attachment or modification, including any energy-saving device;
    6. to damage resulting from scale deposits and/or highly mineralized / unsoftened water supply.

    All Other Parts
    If any other part fails within five (5) years after original installation and operation, Takagi Corp. will furnish a replacement part free of charge.

    Service Labor Costs
    The manufacturer will provide for reasonable labor charges associated with warranty repairs or replacements within one (1) year from the date of purchase. The manufacturer will only pay directly to the service provider.

    Additionally, all warranty claims and warranty service must be authorized and approved by the manufacturer.

    How to Make a Claim
    Any claim for warranty parts or labor must be made to to the manufacturer.l dealer or distributor:

    500 Wald St.
    Irvine, CA 92618
    Tel. 1-888-882-5244

    The damaged or defective item must be made available in exchange for the replacement.

    No one is authorized to make any other warranties on behalf of Takagi Corp.. It is expressly understood that the replacement warranty of Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. shall be in lieu of any and all other warranties, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use or purpose, and further that Takagi Corp. shall not be liable for any loss or damage directly or indirectly arising from the use of the hot water heater, or for any consequential damages arising from such use (including damages from water leakage). Takagi Corp. sole liability with respect to any defect shall be for the replacement of the defective part(s). Some states do not allow such limitations and exclusions, so the above may not apply to you.

    This warranty gives specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which vary from state to state.
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